Be the HERO that Keeps Patients Safe & Informed During & After Hospital Stays

By tapping their smartphones on their discharge paperwork, medical card or ID band

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Keep Patients Safe & Engaged

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Improve Transition of Care

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The Healthcare Industry Has a Problem

We have a Health Care Personnel Problem

Healthcare providers are overwhelmed and have less time to spend with the patient

We have a Patient Communication Problem

Healthcare professionals have limited time to spend explaining diagnoses, medications, after care and other information that prevents pateints from begin readmitted affecting HCAHPS scores and Star Ratings

We have a Transition of Care Problem

Ensuring patient understand their plan of care and that information gets to outpatient follow-up providers

It's a complex set of problems that all boils down to ONE problem... Patient Engagement! And it's not fair!

"Safe Healthy & Connected®"


Lead the Way with eSmart® CARE and the eSmart® ecoSystem, making personalized, on-demand patient engagement effortless!


Personally engage your patients during and AFTER their visit!

Give each patient personalized attention, on demand with eSmart® CARE.

1. Connect eSmart® to Your Content and/or EHR

Simply add customized content to eSmart® or add eSmart® as an authorized user of your EHR's API.

2. Provide patient with eSmart® adhesive or wristband

Place the eSmart® adhesive on the patient's discharge paperwork, medical card or the eSmart® band on the patient's wrist.

3. Patient Taps on the

Patient taps their smart phone on the "E" on their eSmart® discharge paperwork, medical card or wristband to be personally engaged, informed on demand!

Discover How Simple &
Powerful Patient Engagement Can Be!

Take the Journey!

Lead the Way with eSmart® CARE

Keep Patients Safe
  • Picture of the medication
  • Dosing Instructions
  • Recalls & Boxed Warnings
  • Side Effects, Precautions etc.
  • And much more...
Increase Patient/Family Engagement
  • *Securely Provide family & caregivers with real-time updates on:
  • Vital Signs
  • Procedures & Labs
  • Health Events
  • Discharge Instructions
  • And much more...
*With patient consent
Improve Transition of Care
  • All in-patient activity available AFTER discharge
  • Immediate access to prescribed medication details
  • Single tap access to full discharge instructions
  • Post-Discharge Instructions
  • And much more...

"Safe Healthy & Connected®"


Lead the Way with eSmart® CARE! It's like providing your patients with their own 24/7 healthcare expert, keeping them Safe, Healthy & Connected®!

Imagine navigating the intricate web of healthcare connectivity without the right tools—it's more than a challenge; it's a frustration we truly understand.

We are ecstatic that you have finally found the EXPERTS in patient engagement that care about your patients' health as much as you do!

+10 yrs
Avg. Healthcare & Insurance Experience
+18 yrs
Avg. Coding/Data Experience
+12 yrs
Avg. Yrs. Marketing/Engagement Experience

With eSmart®, success meets simplicity. Trust our secure systems and expertise to enhance your capability, so you can focus on what truly matters – delivering optimal care to your patients. Our revolutionary and user-friendly approach ensures a seamless journey, allowing you to navigate healthcare connectivity with ease. Your confidence is our priority, as we support your organization in doing what's right for both your operations and, more importantly, the well-being of the patients you serve.

Let's simplify healthcare connectivity together and be part of a groundbreaking shift in the industry. We're excited to make it happen with you, as your success is our shared goal!

Be the Leader In Patient Engagement with the eSmart® ecoSystem

Continuously connecting with each patient and their families during and after a hospital visit is tough. In the COVID-19 Era, it's nearly impossible.

The industry's healthcare workers, nurses, doctors, etc., are behind masks, behind shields, gloved constantly, and in protective gowns, cautious themselves, while still trying to help patients who come to them, scared and in desperately in need of their help. These healthcare workers struggle to communicate with their patients and their families and keep them informed every step of the way. What's even harder is stressing to them the importance of continuing their care effectively after they leave the hospital.

What about post-COVID, when people have less fear about having elective surgeries, but then, the trauma of the pandemic needs to be medically addressed? Hospitals will be busier than ever!

If we think it's tough now, it's going to be nearly IMPOSSIBLE in the coming months!

Can we ease your mind a bit?

The truth is, it is truly frustrating and overwhelming, trying to provide patients with the personalized, on-demand attention that they and their loved ones need and quite frankly deserve. It is especially challenging in the COVID-19 Era when family members are unable to be with their ailing loved one. It is a complex set of problems, but you're not alone. Every major Hospital in America is struggling with the challenge of patient safety, Patient/Family Engagement and Transition of Care. It all boils down to the one issue of patient engagement. You just need the right tools so that you can confidently, on demand, provide up to date information to a worried family member… or at 2am, after the patient is discharged, let them know that the dizziness they feel is a red-flag of their condition … or days later when the family physician needs to know exactly what medications were administered during a hospital visit.

We have the set of tools you need with eSmart® CARE. Your patients simply tap on their Hospital Wristband.

Here's how it works:
1) After eSmart® is connected to your HER and the patient is admitted to your hospital, they are given an eSmart® wristband “E”ngagement Point™
2) Next, the patient “taps” the on their wristband with their smart phone
3) Your patient now has full access to the engaging eSmart® ecoSystem , and can securely share it with their loved ones and caregivers.
4) Now, you have the ability to engage your patient, on demand, with customized content about their medication, their treatment including vitals, labs, procedures, medication orders, medications administered, etc. and a suite of educational videos and information about their conditions and procedures.

We help you put the patient's health right in the palm of their hand.

eSmart® CARE offers features like:
     Audible Monograph for Health Literacy
     Real time visit information such as procedures, labs, vital signs, medications and much more
     Education & Safety videos
     Easy to understand prescribed medication information to enhance adherence after discharge
     Secure share of real time information with family members and care givers
     Access to all information AFTER discharge for smooth transition of care
     ...and so much more.

Just think of the possibilities!

Learn just how easy patient engagement can be!

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eSmart® ecoSystem

Lead the Way in Patient Engagement with eSmart® CARE

eSmart<sup>®</sup> CARE

Embark on a Revolutionary Healthcare Journey with eSmart® CARE Digital Hub

Discover streamlined workflows and personalized insights for pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, insurers and brands to thrive in a future of efficiency and elevated patient satisfaction.

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"Safe Healthy & Connected®"


Lead the Way with eSmart® CARE and the eSmart® ecoSystem, making personalized, on-demand patient engagement effortless!


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