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on the new empowering patients, connecting healthcare providers to seemelessly access health information Anytime, Anywhere.

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Revolutionize the Patient-Centric Healthcare Journey

With a Simple Tap of Their Phone

Embrace the New HealthCare EcoSystem

Facilitate collaboration and efficiency within a seamlessly interconnected healthcare network, fostering proactive, patient-centered approaches and streamlined interactions with eSmart® CARE.

Strategic Patient Engagement

Initiate impactful connections with patients through personalized interactions, enhancing brand loyalty, and actively shaping positive patient experiences.

Finacial Performance

Maximize revenue by leveraging our innovative platform for targeted content delivery, driving engagement, and fostering customer loyalty.

You Want to Empower Patient Care, But the Struggle to Deliver Centralized, Personalized Health Insights Is Holding You Back

At eSmart, we understand that striving to boost patient care, you're caught in a tricky situation that disrupts the smooth flow of personalized health info. It's frustrating dealing with all the scattered patient data, throwing a wrench in how you provide a solid healthcare experience. This isn't just a hassle for work—it hits you in the feels too, because you genuinely want to empower patients but keep hitting walls.

Dreaming of a world where patients easily get their health details, reality falls way short, making that frustration even more real. There's this deep desire for a game-changing fix, letting you give the kind of care that matches your belief that every patient deserves quick, personalized well-being.

It's not just a hurdle; it's a sense of disconnection that weighs heavily. Add scattered data to the mix, and it becomes a real challenge. Your Pharma brand misses out on valuable connections, and healthcare providers are left in the dark after providing their services. It's a feeling of being stuck, of not fully engaging with those you aim to serve. No one should experience this disconnect and frustration.

But here's the silver lining – you don't have to! Request a demo with us, and we'll make it better! We'll quickly and easily help you in bridging the gaps and bringing back the meaningful connections you've been longing for, keeping patients Safe, Health and Connected® to YOU, with Just One Tap™ of the smartphone.

"Tap Before You Take®"


Lead the Way with the eSmart® Digital Hub, making personalized, on-demand patient engagement effortless!


Discover the Effortless Magic of
eSmart® CARE Digital Hub
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Revolutionize and Simplify Client Engagement.

1. Integrate your content & data with the eSmart® ecoSystem

Add your custom content to the Digital Hub and securely store your patient data in the Hub's secure data store.

2. Add your Patient to the eSmart® ecoSystem with an "E"

Add the Engagement Point (EP) to your patient's medication, paperwork, card or just about anything.

3. Patient Taps on the

Whenever and wherever they need, patients can tap their own smartphones on the for personalized instant engagement!!

Discover How Simple &
Powerful Patient Engagement Can Be!


Take the Journey!

Revolutionize Your Healthcare Connectivity Journey with eSmart® CARE


Embrace the transformative power of eSmart® CARE Hub – where seamless workflows, strengthened patient connections, and patient-centric care converge. Frustration turns into empowerment, and success is not just achieved but embraced, leading the way in healthcare connectivity across your organization. Let's bring this vision to life together."


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Prescription Experience
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Say goodbye to endless paper monograph hassles and embrace a new era of accessible healthcare!

Unlock the Future
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Deliver personalized healthcare journies with every tap transforming the patient experience!

Imagine navigating the intricate web of healthcare connectivity without the right tools—it's more than a challenge; it's a frustration we truly understand.

We are ecstatic that you have finally found the EXPERTS in patient engagement that care about your patients' health as much as you do!

+10 yrs
Avg. Healthcare & Insurance Experience
+18 yrs
Avg. Coding/Data Experience
+12 yrs
Avg. Yrs. Marketing/Engagement Experience

With eSmart®, success meets simplicity. Trust our secure systems and expertise to enhance your capability, so you can focus on what truly matters – delivering optimal care to your patients. Our revolutionary and user-friendly approach ensures a seamless journey, allowing you to navigate healthcare connectivity with ease. Your confidence is our priority, as we support your organization in doing what's right for both your operations and, more importantly, the well-being of the patients you serve.

Let's simplify healthcare connectivity together and be part of a groundbreaking shift in the industry. We're excited to make it happen with you, as your success is our shared goal!

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Become part of the eSmart® ecoSystem and forge unprecedented connections with your patients!"