Keep Patients Safe & Healthy when Taking Prescription Medications

By tapping their smart phones on their medication.

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Keep Patients Safe & Informed
Increase Medication Adherence
Promote Wellness
eSmart™ Rx


Staying safe when taking medication is challenging for patients. The endless paperwork that comes with medication is overwhelming and many times ignored and discarded. With eSmart™ Rx we are here to help you make sure that your patients are Safe, Healthy and Connected™, effortless with a simple "Tap Before You Take™"!

eSmart™ Rx

"Tap Before You Take™"


Lead the Way with eSmart™ Rx, making personalized, on-demand patient engagement effortless!


eSmart™ Rx Features

Connect with Patients AFTER dispense

After the medication is dispensed and the patient taps on the medication Engagement Point™, whether at home, at the doctor's office or even at work, you can engage the patient right on their phone.

Real time FDA Notifications & Boxed Warnings

The eSmart™ ecoSystem keeps your patients connected with the FDA, National Library of Medicine and other entities to provide real time updates on medication Boxed Warnings, Recalls and other medication health and safety information.

Side Effects, Drug Interactions & Contraindications

Keep your patients safe with one tap access to easy to understand side effects, drug interactions, contraindications and other safety information.

Discover How Simple &
Powerful Patient and Customer Engagement Can Be!

You can personally engage every single pharmacy patient and customer!

Give each patient and customer personalized attention on demand with eSmart™ Rx.

1. Add eSmart™ to Your Pharmacy Software

Simply add eSmart™ as a 3rd party in your pharmacy software.

2. Add patient prescription to the eSmart™ ecoSystem

Add the adhesive to the patient's medication packaging.

3. Pharmacy patient taps on the

Patient taps their smart phone on the "E" to be personally engaged on demand!

eSmart™ ecoSystem Core Features

Explore the Features that Connect You to Your Patients & Customers

"Tap" Technology

Our Tap Technology is uses the NFC (near field communications) technology that you use every day to make 2 devices to communicate without contact such as contactless payments like Apple Pay® or Google Pay®, hotel keycards, and electronic tickets.

Leveraging eSmart™ Tap Technology devices affixed anywhere within your physical space or on your products (both encompass your eSmart™ ecoSystem), customers are able tap their phone on the technology (called eSmart™ Engagement Points™) with their smartphone and receive custom content. The tech requires no special equipment or apps and is available in almost all modern smartphones.

Engagement Points™

Engagement Points™ (EP™s) are the simple eSmart™ technology that you deploy to engage your customers digitally in physical spaces or from physical items.

The Engagement Point™ or EP™ retrieves configurable custom content (coupons, how-videos, safety information, instructions etc.) based on customer's location, interest, language and other easily configurable options, from anywhere within your physical space or on your products available when a customer taps the EP™ with their phone.

Educational Content

Educational content provides an opportunity to help connect patients with information that can keep them safe and healthy.

Educating customers will leave a positive impact on them which will drive positive PR and build credibility.


eSmart uses the concept of "Universal Design" in which we design our solutions to be used by people with a wide range of abilities and disabilities.

Our solutons are designed designed to promote the usage by those who experience disabilities such as those that visually or hearing impaired, etc ... additional specific informaiton.

Data Security

The safety and reliability of your data is highly important at eSmart™. In addition to using encrypted SSL protocols, our servers are protected by premium firewall systems and frequent scans for vulnerabilities that are quickly resolved.

To ensure the safety of your data, eSmart's™ infrastructure for your ecoSystem includes quick failover points and redundant hardware, with backups performed daily. eSmart™ also employs strict data safety measures ensuring data is encrypted when in transit and at rest. PHI and PII data is further encrypted on the database, record/field level. Additionally, eSmart™ only collects vital data and limits access to data based on the "Principle of least privilege" to ensure your and your customers' data is safe and secure.

eSmart™ ecoSystem

The eSmart™ ecoSystem is a group of interconnected information technology resources that function as an unit

The eSmart™ ecoSystem is the backbone of the eSmart™ solution giving you the unique opportunity to your customers with an in-store, at home, on the go brand experience that is second to none, while turning every inch of your brick and mortar space, your in-store signage or product packaging into revenue generating opportunities that have NEVER been available before. .

Brand Placement

Brand placement allows you to give your new and potential customers or patients a way to remember you.

Branding creates an identity for your business, product and services, that sets you apart from competitors.


Buttons provides a great opportunities to provide detail content about your goods and services.

Displaying content about your goods and services to existing and potential customer, is a great way to promote growth and logevity for you brands.

Discounts & Coupons

Developing your coupon and discount marketing strategy will either increase your long-term repeat business or increase your sales per customer.

In today’s digital world, offering discounts and coupons via eSmart is one of the best ways to build your customer base.

Custom Content

Custom Content is an unique opportunity for you to provide coupons, how to videos, details about your goods, etc. to your customer, ehancing their in store shopping experience.

Custom content separates you from the rest allowing you to promote awareness of your brand, products which is essential to your growth and longevity.

Benefit from
eSmart™ Rx

Keep Patients Safe

By providing patients with one tap access to medication information such as side effects and drug interactions, you are the hero that keeps patients safe.

Connect with Patients AFTER Dispense

Whether at home, at the doctor's office or even at work, you can engage the patient right on their phone, anytime they tap their medication Engagement Point™.

Improve Health Literacy

Written and SPOKEN in simple language, large lettering, large pictures on one-tap buttons, and distinct categories of information, specific to the patient and their medication.

Increase Medication Adherence

Easily inform patients of the benefits of their medication and how following their medication thereapy will keep them healthy while providing friendly refill reminders.

Help to Improve Star Rating

eSmart™ Rx helps to increase medication adherence and reduce hospital readmissions.

Connect with Multi-Pack Patients with eSmart™ Rx MultiPack

Easily Keep Multi-Pack Customers Safe, Healthy and Connected™ with eSmart™ Rx MultiPack

With one tap, get a list of all medications in the multi-pack. Then enjoy all of the benefits of eSmart™ Rx with each multi-pack medication, keeping your patients adherent, Safe, Healthy and Connected™.

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"Tap To Take™"


Lead the Way with eSmart™ Rx. It's like giving your patients a 24/7 pharmacist, Keeping them Adherent, Safe, Healthy & Connected™!

eSmart™ security

Safe and Secure with eSmart™

Ensuring the safety and security of your patients' and customers' data is of the utmost importance to us! Rest assured that all PII and PHI data is encrypted when not in use (in transit and at rest) and is HIPAA compliant.

Put your Revenue Into Overdrive

by partnering with Brands & Pharmaceutical companies for strategic brand placement in your eSmart™ ecoSystem!

Sponsor the "tap"

Brand Building

When it comes to brand visibility, tap sponsorships are the way to go. You can use tap sponsorship to position your brand to reconnect with existing customers and connect with new customers that you were never able to before.

Place Logo on eSmart™ screen

Brand Recognition

Getting your brand out there is one of the greatest ways to ensure an impression of reliability and longevity. Your logo placed on an eSmart screen can boost brand trustworthiness and reach customers you have never been able to reach in the past.

Sponsor Educational Content

Increased credibility as a brand

Driving awareness about your brand is one thing. Inspiring respect and admiration are another. Thus, educational sponsorship is a great way to drive positive PR and build credibility.

Insert Ads into Video Stream

Virtual face time with prospective customers

Video Streaming advertisement is a fantastic opportunity to drive a connection between your brand and prospective customer. This is your chance to create personalized experiences with targeted marketing campaigns, demos, testimonials for your products or services, etc.

Integrate Button Content

Reach Customers Directly on their Mobile Devices

Awareness by your existing and prospective customers of your brand and products is essential to your growth and longevity. Integration of button content provides a great opportunity to provide detail content about your goods and services.

Offer Discounts & Coupons

Provide Instant Access to Deals & Discounts

Coupons will drive business to your organization. The key is to develop your coupon strategy so you know how that discount marketing strategy will either increase your long-term repeat business or increase your sales per customer. In today's digital world, offering discounts and coupons via eSmart™ is one of the best ways to build your customer base.

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eSmart™ ecoSystem

Lead the Way in Patient & Customer Engagement with the entire eSmart™ ecoSystem Suite

eSmart™ CARE

Keep Patients Safe, Healthy & Connected™

Put tailored medication information in the palm of your patients' hands before, during and after their hospital visit with eSmart™ CARE.

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eSmart™ Meds

Tap Before You Take™

Put tailored safety, wellness, medication and brand information in the palm of your customer's hands with a simple tap of their smartphone right on their over-the-counter medication packaging with eSmart™ Meds.

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eSmart™ Meds

"Tap Before You Take™"


Lead the Way with eSmart™ Rx, making personalized, on-demand patient engagement effortless!


Be the Hero that Makes Life Better

By Connecting with Patients in a way that's NEVER been possible...until now!

Keep Patients Safe & Informed

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Keep Patients Safe

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