Lead the Way in Keeping Pharmacy Patients Safe, Healthy & Adherent

By tapping their smartphones on the affixed to their medication packaging.

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Keep Patients Safe

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Improve Health Literacy

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Increase Medication Adherence

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The Pharmacy Industry Has a Problem

We have a Patient Safety Problem

*160 million medication errors occur each year.
*1 in 9 ER admissions are related to an adverse drug event.

We have a Health Literacy Problem

+Elderly, minority and low education level patients have highest health illiteracy rates.

We have a Medication Adherence Problem

+Of all prescriptions written, 80% are not refilled, 70% are not taken properly, 34-52% not picked up and 30-50% not filled.

It's a complex set of problems that all boils down to ONE problem... Pharmacy Patient Engagement! And it's not fair!
*Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
+United States Surgeon General **FIP Foundation for Education and Research

"Tap Before You Take®"


Lead the way in crafting personalized patient journeys with eSmart® Rx.


Unlock the simple magic of eSmart® Rx in 3 easy steps!

Give each patient personalized attention on demand with eSmart® Rx.

1. Connect eSmart® to Your Prescription Data

Add eSmart® to your pharmacy software or connect with your PPE provider.

2. Add patient prescription to the eSmart® ecoSystem

Add the adhesive to the patient's medication packaging.

3. Patient taps on the

Patient taps their smart phone on the "E" to be personally informed and engaged on demand!

Discover How Simple &
Powerful Pharmacy Patient Engagement Can Be!

Take the Journey!

Lead the Way with eSmart<sup>®</sup> Rx

Keep Patients Safe
  • Picture of the medication
  • Dosing Instructions
  • Recalls & Boxed Warnings
  • Side Effects, Precautions etc.
  • And much more...
Improve Health Literacy
  • Audible medication information
  • Braille on packaging
  • 8th grade reading level
  • Multi-lingual interface
  • And much more...
Increase Medication Adherence
  • Refill reminders
  • Video explanation of drug
  • Indications explaining usage
  • Pharmacy led intervention via video
  • And much more...

"Tap To Take®"


Lead the way in crafting personalized patient journeys with eSmart® Rx.

Imagine navigating the intricate web of healthcare connectivity without the right tools—it's more than a challenge; it's a frustration we truly understand.

We are ecstatic that you have finally found the EXPERTS in patient engagement that care about your patients' health as much as you do!

+10 yrs
Avg. Healthcare & Insurance Experience
+18 yrs
Avg. Coding/Data Experience
+12 yrs
Avg. Yrs. Marketing/Engagement Experience

With eSmart®, success meets simplicity. Trust our secure systems and expertise to enhance your capability, so you can focus on what truly matters – delivering optimal care to your patients. Our revolutionary and user-friendly approach ensures a seamless journey, allowing you to navigate healthcare connectivity with ease. Your confidence is our priority, as we support your organization in doing what's right for both your operations and, more importantly, the well-being of the patients you serve.

Let's simplify healthcare connectivity together and be part of a groundbreaking shift in the industry. We're excited to make it happen with you, as your success is our shared goal!

Be the Leader In Pharmacy Patient Engagement with eSmart® Rx

Connecting with every single pharmacy patient is tough, especially in the COVID-19 Era.

The industry's pharmacists and techs are behind glass and masks, being cautious while still trying to inform a fearful masked patient why it's important to take their medication properly and continue to refill as prescribed.

What about post-COVID when people have less fear of visiting their doctors, having elective surgeries and the post-COVID trauma needs to be addressed? You will be filling more prescriptions than ever!

If we think it's tough now, it's going to be nearly IMPOSSIBLE in the coming months!

Can we ease your mind a bit?

The truth is, it really is frustrating and overwhelming trying to provide pharmacy patients with the personalized attention that they need and frankly deserve. It's a complex problem, but you're not alone. Every pharmacy in America is struggling with the challenge of patient safety, health literacy and medication adherence. It all boils down to the one issue of patient engagement. You just need the right tools to confidently engage and help your patients make the right decision and stay safe when they need it... like at 3 in the morning, when they are feeling dizzy or at the end of the month when they are contemplating not refilling.

We have the set of tools you need with eSmart® Rx. Patients simply “Tap Before You Take®”.

Here's how it works:
1) After adding the standard labeling to the medication packaging, your tech also adds an adhesive “E”ngagement Point™
2) Next, the patient “taps” the with their smart phone
3) Your patient now has full access to the engaging eSmart® ecoSystem .
4) Now, you have the ability to engage your patient, on demand, with customized content about their medication, the condition that it treats, and any other pertinent information.

We help you put the patient's health right in the palm of their hand.

eSmart® Rx offers features like:
     Audible Monograph for Health Literacy
     Physical description of drug
     Education & Safety videos
     Easy to access drug information
     Dosage instructions for Medication Adherence
     ...and so much more.

Just think of the possibilities!

Learn just how easy patient engagement can be!

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eSmart® ecoSystem

Lead the Way in Patient Engagement with eSmart<sup>®</sup> Rx and the eSmart® ecoSystem

eSmart<sup>®</sup> Rx

Tap Before You Take®

Adding the eSmart® Rx ecoSystem to your pharmacy solution keeps your pharmacy patients adherent, Safe, Healthy and Connected® to tailored prescription information with a simple tap of their smartphone.

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eSmart<sup>®</sup> Rx MultiPack

Tap Before You Take®

Stay connected and engaged with your pharmacy patients, even when they are not face-to-face. With a simple tap of their smartphone, engagement is right in the palm of their hands.

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eSmart Rx MuliPack™

"Tap Before You Take®"


Lead the way in crafting personalized patient journeys with eSmart® Rx.


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Become part of the eSmart® ecoSystem and forge unprecedented connections with your patients!"