Be the HERO that Keeps Customers Safe When Taking Over the Counter Medication

By tapping their smartphones on their meds.

Keep Customers Safe & Informed
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eSmart<sup>®</sup> Meds


eSmart<sup>®</sup> Rx

eSmart® Meds
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eSmart® CARE Digital Hub

Lead the Way in Patient Engagement with the entire eSmart® CARE Digital Hub

eSmart<sup>®</sup> Rx

Tap Before You Take®

Adding the eSmart® Rx ecoSystem to your pharmacy solution keeps your pharmacy patients adherent, Safe, Healthy and Connected® to tailored prescription information with a simple tap of their smartphone.

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eSmart<sup>®</sup> Rx MultiPack

Tap Before You Take®

Stay connected and engaged with your pharmacy patients, even when they are not face-to-face. With a simple tap of their smartphone, engagement is right in the palm of their hands.

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eSmart Rx MuliPack™
eSmart<sup>®</sup> CARE

Embark on a Revolutionary Healthcare Journey with eSmart® CARE Digital Hub

Discover streamlined workflows and personalized insights for pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, insurers and brands to thrive in a future of efficiency and elevated patient satisfaction.

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"Tap Before You Take®"


Lead the Way with eSmart® Meds, making personalized, on-demand patient engagement effortless!


Be the Hero that Makes Life Better

By Connecting with Patients in a way that's NEVER been possible...until now!

Keep Patients Safe & Informed

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Keep Members Adherent

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Connect After Dispense

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Keep Patients Safe

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Connect After Purchase

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Stay In Control

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