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Provide Health & Medication Information
That Keeps Patients Safe, Healthy & Connected®

with a quick tap of their phone
on the new affixed to their discharge, medical card, medication or wristband

Keeping Patients Safe, Healthy & Connected®

With a Simple Tap of Their Phone

Improve Safety
Improve Health Literacy
Increase Medication Adherence

Join the eSmart® ecoSystem & Be The Hero for your Patients

At eSmart Company, we know you are the kind of people who want to be the HERO for the people you serve. In order to be that way, you need to continue educating and connecting with them long after the service is complete. The problem is, there is no way to stay connected without compromising service to others, which makes you feel powerless.

We believe the time of NO ongoing direct communication after services are rendered is OVER!

We understand this communication gap leads to recurring conditions and unfavorable outcomes. That's why we have designed eSmart Company to bridge the gap to effective and continuous communication after service is rendered which will lead to better long-term results. Here's how it works:

①  First, an eSmart® Engagement Point™ is given to the patient.
②  Next, the patient taps their smartphone to the Engagement Point™.
③  Then, relevant information displays on the patient's smartphone.

This information is available to the patient well after services are rendered and can be updated at any time. It's always available with a simple tap of their smartphone.

So, partner with eSmart Company, so you can stop being powerless when it comes to staying connected to those you serve and start being the HERO that keeps people Safe, Healthy and Connected®.

"Tap Before You Take®"


Lead the Way with the eSmart® Digital Hub, making personalized, on-demand patient engagement effortless!


You can personally engage every single patient you serve!

Give each patient personalized attention on demand with the eSmart® ecoSystem.

1. Integrate your content & data with the eSmart® ecoSystem

Integrate eSmart® with your custom content, pharmacy software or EHR (Electronic Health Record) System.

2. Add your Patient to the eSmart® ecoSystem

Add the adhesive Engagement Point™ (EP™) to your patient's discharge, medical card, medication or a wristband, a keychain or other EP™ as a patient wearable or accessory.

3. Patient Taps on the

Whenever convenient or necessary, patients tap their personal smart phone on the to be personally engaged on demand!

Discover How Simple &
Powerful Patient Engagement Can Be!


Take the Journey!

Lead the Way with the eSmart<sup>®</sup> ecoSystem

Keep Patients Safe
  • Picture of the medication
  • Dosing Instructions
  • Recalls & Boxed Warnings
  • Side Effects, Precautions etc.
  • And much more...
Improve Health Literacy
  • Audible medication information
  • Braille on packaging
  • 8th grade reading level
  • Multi-lingual interface
  • And much more...
Increase Medication Adherence
  • Refill reminders
  • Video explanation of drug
  • Indications explaining usage
  • Pharmacy led intervention via video
  • And much more...

"Tap To Take®"


Lead the Way with the eSmart® ecoSystem. It's like giving your customers a 24/7 medication expert, Keeping them Safe, Healthy & Connected®!


Be the Hero that Saves the Life

By Connecting with Patients in a way that's NEVER been possible...until now!

Keep Patients Safe & Informed

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Keep Members Adherent

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Connect After Dispense

For Pharmaceutical Companies 


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Keep Patients Safe

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Stay In Control

For Patients 


Imagine navigating the intricate web of healthcare connectivity without the right tools—it's more than a challenge; it's a frustration we truly understand.

We are ecstatic that you have finally found the EXPERTS in patient engagement that care about your patients' health as much as you do!

+10 yrs
Avg. Healthcare & Insurance Experience
+18 yrs
Avg. Coding/Data Experience
+12 yrs
Avg. Yrs. Marketing/Engagement Experience

With eSmart®, success meets simplicity. Trust our secure systems and expertise to enhance your capability, so you can focus on what truly matters – delivering optimal care to your patients. Our revolutionary and user-friendly approach ensures a seamless journey, allowing you to navigate healthcare connectivity with ease. Your confidence is our priority, as we support your organization in doing what's right for both your operations and, more importantly, the well-being of the patients you serve.

Let's simplify healthcare connectivity together and be part of a groundbreaking shift in the industry. We're excited to make it happen with you, as your success is our shared goal!

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with the eSmart® ecoSystem





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"Tap Before You Take®"


Lead the Way with the eSmart® Digital Hub, making personalized, on-demand patient engagement effortless!


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